Just got back from my first hunt of the summer

In my recent video, I ask if the LCS SK19 the best airgun for small game hunting? The short answer is no, I don’t think there is such a thing as the best hunting rifle….. that is a very subjective thing. I will say however, that this little semi/full auto bullpup is one of the best airguns I’ve hunted small game with in a long time!

I just returned home from my first hunt of the summer, and had the opportunity to use the LCS American Arms SK-19 semi/full auto PCP air rifle for some high volume jackrabbit hunting out in West Texas.

The LCS SK-19 is a bullpup platform loaded with unique technology. It is a regulated PCP that operates in either Semi-Auto or Full-auto, and can empty the 19 shoot integrated magazine in about 3 seconds. There is a power adjustment knob on the underside of the buttstock, in addition to the regulator setting monitored by a second manometer).

The 23” barrel is a Lothar Walther, dressed in a carbon fiber shroud and a suppressor. This gun I very quiet, especially considering it is putting out up to 60 fpe.

Online air is stored in a 480 cc CF tank, and provide 75 shots per fill, and the tank is filled with the universal 1/8” NPT quick connect fitting.
The SK-19 is fairly light weighing in at under 8 lbs, and measures in at a compact 35”

My adventure starts at my friend Trent Huckabys ranch in West Texas, spread out of 30,000 acres of arid land. The property is full of game, including whitetail, mulies, javalina, predators and small game/varmint. This trip I was after jackrabbits and predators.

Take a look at the video, I tag some big rabbits at ranges from 25 to 100 yards, and manage a fox and raccoon as well, after changing over to my ATN ThOR thermal scope for night hunting.

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