I’m getting ready for a prairie dog shoot in South Dakota next week, and one of the guns I’m taking along is the Air Venturi Avenger. Had a real surprise getting the rifle prepped for the trip!

I don’t know why I haven’t seen the Air Venturi Avenger…… I have a great relationship with the team and speak with them on a regular basis, but this rifle never came up until a call last week. In mentioning that I’d be doing some long distance shooting and needed accuracy, consistency, and power, they asked if I’d seen anything on their Avenger platform. I’d seen a few videos and read the specifications, but hadn’t used it. They offered to rush a .25 caliber version to me, and true to their word, it arrived yesterday afternoon.

I’m leaving tomorrow, so don’t have a lot of time to work up the rifle, that will come later. I’ll do a full review while on this trip, as I’ll have a range available. But I also wanted to slap a scope on and get some idea of what could be expected of the Avenger. I drove to a vacant field near my house, sighted the rifle in at 25 yards to get it close, moved the target to 85 yards and made a couple of adjustments, then shot a 5 shot group off the hood of my car.

Let me first comment on an initial impression of the shooting characteristics of the rifle. The stock is a synthetic that is well shaped, and feels a bit “lightweight” . However the fit, cheek-weld, sight alignment were all very natural and comfortable. The trigger had a little bit of travel, but breaks crisply and consistently, a very workable field trigger that is as good as many more expensive guns.

Good to see affordable quality and performance!

Ok, so that first 85 yard group, shot off the hood of my car in a light steady breeze formed a tight little sub-prairie-dog head group, using the JSB Kings the gun had been dialed in (thanks Tyler!) for. I shot a few more groups to make sure this wasn’t a fluke…. it was not …… then tossed the rifle back in its case and went home to enjoy the firth with my family.

Can’t wait to get this gun out hunting!

I’ll do a complete range day and hunting video with the gun next week, and will be posting soon. I was so impressed by my initial shooting experience though just wanted to give it a quick shout out!

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