I had a last minute opportunity to hunt some problem pigs, only problem was I was already supposed to be on my way home!

I was down in central Texas to do some small game hunting, when an acquaintance I met through one of my friends told me that he had lots of pigs on his property and they were making a mess of his deer feeders. He told me I was welcome to come shoot some if I wanted. The problem was, as it often is, time. I’d already been in Texas for a few days and I needed to get back to work, however, I could get in an afternoon hunt if willing to drive all night to get home on time.

I showed up at the gates to the ranch early on the afternoon of my planned departure. It had been raining and looked like it might do so again. I followed a hand sketched map I’d been given and quickly located a couple deer feeders, and one was covered in hog prints. I settled in behind a pile of bulldozed mesquite at about 3:30, and started my wait.

The gun I had with me was the AirForce Texan .457, and this line of rifles has done well for me. I’d brought the gun along as an afterthought since my primary goal was small game However, I thought I’d use my downtime to sight in the Texan and play around with a few different bullets. In the end I was glad I had the rifle along!

I didn’t have long to wait, at about 4:30 a bunch of small pigs came in, including a big old sow. The bigger pigs stayed close to the brushline, and I held off shooting as small ones swarmed around me. After about a half hour of this the small pigs started to drift off and the big sow melted back into the treeline. I thought I’d missed my shot, when I noticed a snout poking through the trees bordering the road, after what seemed an hour but was less than 5 minutes, a medium size pig stepped onto the road at about 45 yards from me.

The gun was zeroed at 50 yards, so I held dead on for a broadside lung shot. I squeezed the trigger, the gun blasted, and the pig crumbled without taking another step. I walked over and the pig was dead, I pulled him off the road for a picture, before hauling him into the truck and driving back to the trailer. This was the right sized meat pig, and I decided to take some meat home. I used their cleaning station to gut and skin the pig, roughly quartering him, packing the meat into my oversized ice chest and getting on the road.

It was about 6:00 pm when I got myself cleaned up and on the road, arriving home at 10:30 am the next morning by driving straight through the night. I had time for a shower, got dressed, and made my lunch meeting for work. When I got home at about 3:00 pm, I threw myself on the bed and slept until the following morning…… I still remember as I was drifting off my wife saying…… “and this is what you do for fun??”

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