One of the most daunting task for many hunters, especially those new to the sport or living in cities or suburban environs where getting to know local landowners might no be an option, is finding a place to hunt. In this video I go on a traveling squirrel hunt to Nebraska and find public land for a squirrel hunt with Airguns, in a place I’ve never been to before. Spoiler alert, there were a lot of squirrels, my gear was spot on, but I didn’t have much success and I’ll explain that. But my main objective in this video is to answer the question….. how do you find a place to hunt on public land? In this video, if you either stick around to the end, or jump to footage 00:00:00 I’ll explain how I found a public hunting land in an area I’ve never been to before.


  1. If you pass through North West New Mexico (on your way to AZ) after Sept 1st and you want to hunt Aberts let me know! I know a place on public land in the National forest. My wife doesn’t want to go with me EVERY weekend! Id love to show you around

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