Last hunt it was prairie dogs in South Dakota, this time I’m after squirrels in Wisconsin! This rifle continues to impress, and this time I’m using both pellets and slugs in it!

Got back out with the Avenger again, and I have to say I really enjoy hunting with this rifle! I’ve done previous videos, articles, blogs, blah, blah, blah, singing its praises, but every time I pick it up and walk into the woods, I’m impressed all over again. I have a video that shows the hunt, but in this blog post I’ll just hit on a few of the highlights, go take a look at the video if you’ve not already seen it.

The things I like right out of the box, the gun is regulated and offers consistency, the sidelever cocking is smooth, fast, and well-engineered, and the slim profile full length air reservoir (that fills to 4350 psi) offers a good shot count at high power without over powering the lines of the rifle.

By the way, two thing you’ll notice in the video is that I used the side shot scope mount (up until the batteries died) and I carried the gun using my safari sling, which does not require swivel studs to be mounted.

I sighted in at 50 yards shooting off my little portable table with Caldwell bags, and sitting on a 5 gal bucket with a snap on seat. I keep targets, staple gun, pellets, etc. in the bucket, so I’m always ready for a impromptu target session. Not the most stable platform, but it serves my purpose. The 25.3 grain JSB Exacts and the 26 grain FX Hybrid Slugs both gave respectable 50 yar groups.

I measured the velocities using the FX pocket Chronograph, which is one of the best and most useful bits of gear I gotten my hands on over the last few years. It is quick, easy, feature rich, and the app working on your smart phone is great. I think to make the most out of an eminently tunable rifle like the Avenger, this is a highly recommended article of equipment!

Out in the field the rifle was ergonomic and handled well; it shot for me when standing offhand, leaning back against a log and shooting almost straight up into the trees, or sitting and shooting off sticks. And both the accuracy and power were everything I want in a small game gun.

Go over to the YouTube channel and check out the target and game shots, this gun is well worth a look. I’m buying this rifle for my collection, I only have 70 PCPs filling up every empty space in my office, garage, and basement……. Always room for one more if I like it, right?!

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