The Hatsan PileDriver .50 caliber big bore air rifle, is one of the most powerful production air rifles on the market. There are a handful of boutique small batch producers that are modifying guns for higher power, but this gun is a standard configuration out-of-the-box performer! I was getting a peak 915 fps with the 445 gr Mr Hollowpoint bullet, which was generating about 810 fpe. But this gun has a lot more going for it than just power: Accuracy, ergonomics and a (relatively) high shot count of up to 5 shots per fill, this has turned out to be an awesome hunting gun! On this trip I take the .50 caliber PileDriver down to the Daggett Ranch south of Fort Stockton Texas on a deer hunt, and spoiler alert, this gun performed flawlessly. Tossing a 445 grain chunk of lead at over 900 fpe (over 800 fpe), this gun lives up to its name! The weather was cold, windy, and icy snow was forecast, so I used my little popup blind with built in seating and set up along a funnel point. As day broke, the deer came in and the action started! Join me on this deer hunt as I efficiently and ethically fill my tag with a big bore airgun! If you want to hunt deer in Texas I can recommend Split Hoof Outfitters, Lea Daggett is a great guy with a really outstanding property and reasonable prices.Read More →