Some Background on Me and the American Airgun Hunter Website

Jim Chapman

My name is Jim Chapman, and I am an outdoor writer with bylines in several US and UK magazines, and one of the hosts of the American Airgunner program airing on Sportsman Channel. I started the American Airgun Hunter website in 2004, to share information on the sport of airgunning, which I’d been exposed to during the years I lived in Europe. Besides this website, American Airgun Hunter has a companion YouTube channel all about air rifles and airgun hunting: pest control, varmint, small game, predators and big game.

Topics covered include guns, gear, game, and tactics, all used as I take off on hunting trips throughout the USA, South Africa, and wherever the road may lead. I follow sustainable and ecologically sound hunting practices, and use this platform to demonstrate how airguns can be used to hunt ethically, efficiently, and effectively. I believe that we hunters are the driving force behind ensuring healthy and well managed wildlife populations in future, and believe airgun have a role in achieving this goal.

I will utilize videos, print articles, and blog posts to present content. It’s my mission to set up an interactive environment where we can talk about all topics related to airgun hunting. I’ve invested in a small mountain of still and video camera equipment and will strive to offer the highest quality images in these media…. but please be aware some of the older material in the archives will not be that! In the early years I was using film and point and shoot cameras, and apologize in advance.

My hope is that whether you are an experienced hunter that wants to see how a new airgun functions in the field, a new hunter that wants to learn how to improve your skills, or you just want to join me on a hunting adventure, there is something for you here. For my part, I am passionate about the sport of airgunning, and am looking forward to being joined by mainstream hunters just looking into, or getting started with, air rifles. I have the opportunity to travel, use most of the new gear that comes to market, and want to share that with you. So welcome, and I hope you become a regular visitor!

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