I’ve been shooting the Hatsan Hydra for a few months now, and have used the .22 and .25 caliber barrels on a couple hunts, and gotten in some range time with the .177. But when rabbit season opens in a couple weeks, I want to do some hunting with the arrow barrel, using some small game tips. So I started off by simply swapping the barrel, which took a matter of a minute or two. The next step took me a little longer, maybe 5 minutes, I needed to adjust the hammer spring preload. This entails removing the action from the stock, removing a set screw with a 2mm hex tool, then inserting a 4mm hex tool into a port at the rear of the rifle and bottoming it out. This will increase the arrow velocity from about 150 fps to approximately 250 fps. With this tweaking of the rifle done, I drove to a spot behind a local industrial complex and set up my target in a back lot. I used a standard archery target, unlike the dual crossbow targets I had to use when sighting in the dedicated Hatsan arrow gun, the very powerful Harpoon (more on this before deer season starts!). I set the target at 30 yards using field tips. My first shot was to the left, so I adjusted the windage and sent another arrow down range. It was moving in the right direction but not quite there yet, another adjustment and another arrow showedRead More →

A service offered by Utah Airguns when you order an FX rifle from their shop, is Hydro-dipping. And what makes the tough finishes that much better, you have the choice between some great patterns! It’s no secret that a couple of my favorite hunting rifles are my Crown and Wildcat. The Wildcat is a .25 caliber, and I have a .25, .30, and arrow barrel for my Crown, though I mostly use the .30. Both of these guns are tackdrivers and produce excellent power output for whichever caliber is being used. I’ve used these guns for small game, predators, and feral hogs over the years, and besides their core performance, they are both very shootable guns, and I like their profiles. So how to make them better? One of the ways is to dress them up in camo. I’ll often apply camo tape to a stock, and have painted a few of my guns with differing levels of success. But both of these guns are too nice to take a chance of using for a craft project. But on a visit to Utah Airguns last year, I saw that they were offering a Hydro-dipping service that looked very interesting. The finishes that I examined looked great, but more importantly they looked like they could stand up to heavy use. I was in the process of ordering the Crown, so too the opportunity to order it with a customized stock. There were several patterns available, but the one that looked likeRead More →

A very accurate, powerful, fast action hunting rig. I’m getting this gun prepared to go hunting this season. Step one, some initial trigger time and basic paper punching at 35 and 50 yards. I have a lot of guns that cycle across my desk to, and to be honest I like most of them. It’s not that I think they would all fit in to my own collection, I have very specific things that I want in a gun that I recognize are subjective. Thats why I’ll say what I think about a gun and why, but will never tell someone they should buy one gun over another…. so much of it is individual choice. But I can comment on the tangible attributes of a rifle. When I evaluate a hunting rifle, I try to place myself in the mindset of the targeted customer segment. Is this a gun designed for a new shooter, a long-time shooter, somebody that needs a gun for close range pest control, or larger game at greater distances? Is this a rifle designed to appeal to a segment with specific pricing requirements, such as budget or entry level guns, etc.? In preparing to take this rifle out hunting, I was particularly interested in assessing accuracy, ergonomics, power, reliability, adjustability, cocking action, trigger, reliability, and reliable magazine feeding, ease of field carry…. this is what I look for in any rifle that I’ll take on the hunt. Based on my experience with Brocock rifles, the barRead More →

I’ve always enjoyed lever action guns, and when I was young just about shot out the barrels of my Marlin .22 and later Marlin .357 lever action powder burners. So it follows that the Seneca EagleClaw would resonate with me! I’ve been using the lever action Seneca EagleClaw for almost a year now, having brought it to the mountains of Arizona after Aberts squirrel, then on a few more squirrel hunts around the Midwest before the end of season, and for prairie dog in South Dakota. From the squirrel hunts and range time I knew the rifle delivered a punch and had good accuracy, but it was on the prairie dog hunt I came to appreciate not only how intrinsically accurate the gun is, but also how stable and well designed the stock is for long range shooting in the field. I didn’t have much time before I needed to get back on the road, but before going out shooting wanted to check the zero. It was printing cloverleaf groups at 50 yards, a bit high and to the right. I determined that the lean to the right was caused by the constant stiff breeze that was blowing so didn’t mess with it. The gun was zeroed at 80 yards which is why it was hitting high, and I left that as it was as well. The action is cycled with a lever action that has a short and smooth travel, and I’ve found the reliability of the 8 shotRead More →

I’m getting ready for a prairie dog shoot in South Dakota next week, and one of the guns I’m taking along is the Air Venturi Avenger. Had a real surprise getting the rifle prepped for the trip! I don’t know why I haven’t seen the Air Venturi Avenger…… I have a great relationship with the team and speak with them on a regular basis, but this rifle never came up until a call last week. In mentioning that I’d be doing some long distance shooting and needed accuracy, consistency, and power, they asked if I’d seen anything on their Avenger platform. I’d seen a few videos and read the specifications, but hadn’t used it. They offered to rush a .25 caliber version to me, and true to their word, it arrived yesterday afternoon. I’m leaving tomorrow, so don’t have a lot of time to work up the rifle, that will come later. I’ll do a full review while on this trip, as I’ll have a range available. But I also wanted to slap a scope on and get some idea of what could be expected of the Avenger. I drove to a vacant field near my house, sighted the rifle in at 25 yards to get it close, moved the target to 85 yards and made a couple of adjustments, then shot a 5 shot group off the hood of my car. Let me first comment on an initial impression of the shooting characteristics of the rifle. The stock isRead More →

I’ve had my Crown for a couple of years now, and it has stayed at the top of the list as a rifle I turn to for the big hunts! The FX Crown is advertised as being Airgun Royalty and said to incorporate much of the innovative technology this company brings to the market. The rifle utilizes the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel and Interchangeable Barrel Liner System, which is an accurate configuration in all its many caliber options. And that another thing I like about this rifle, is that it is multi caliber. The crown comes in .177, .22, .25, and 30 calibers, and the barrels are quite simple and quick to change out. My gun has the .25 and .30 barrel, which provide 16 and 13 shots respectively. The rotary cassette magazines are proven, and are reliable and rugged, I’ve shot several tins of both calibers at this point in time, and have not recorded a single jam or misfeed. The stock on my gun is the synthetic (also comes in a laminate and walnut version), and has received the Airguns of Utah camo dip, which is a brilliant finish. They’ve done a couple of my rifles and it is a fantastic job, one of my favorites in a fairly extensive collection of hunting rifles! The trigger on the crown is also impressive, it’s an adjustable match specification and breaks like the proverbial glass rod, The gun utilized a 480 cc removable carbon fiber tank, that fill toRead More →

Not just powerful, this gun is accurate, consistent, high shot count, ergonomic and has a fast action! Jim Chapman Hello all, I’ve just returned home from the SHOT Show, and leave tomorrow for a week in Europe. I wanted to drop a quick note on the status of the Hatsan Piledriver before departing. My production gun arrived a couple days before I left for Las Vegas so I haven’t been able to start shooting and testing it but will do so on my return home. Some news from the SHOT Show, the first production run of the Piledriver .457 has arrived in the USA and will be used to fulfill current orders and ship to primary dealers. So, I’d expect to see guns in shooters hands soon. The .50 production run is in progress with first shipment expected before end of March. I believe Pyramyd Airguns will be the first to have them at listed price of $1179.00. A couple things I’d not mentioned in that first video: the Piledriver uses the 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger. Onboard air storage is a 480cc carbon fiber tank that fills to 300 BAR. Though the barrel is 33″ in length, the bullpup design allows for a more compact LOA. This configuration sets the action back into the stock and keeps most of the weight centered which I’ve found great for offhand shooting. The black polymer stock is a fully adjustable thumbhole design. This rifle received a lot of attention at the show, andRead More →

RTI Arms is preparing to release a new bullpup air rifle that has a lot to offer fans of this style of airgun!. It is called the Prophet and is a variation of the companies Priest model line. It is a compact, modular, multi-caliber design that is in vogue these days, and I have to say I really like this one! I met the head of RTI at the Extreme Benchrest Competition in Arizona a couple months ago, and he showed me the gun being used in the competition, where it was shot by the winner of the open class 50-yard BR Competition. I was able to send a few pellets down range and wanted to see more! We arranged through Airguns of Arizona to have the gun shipped to me where I had a few weeks to shoot it. I brought it on a hunting trip to Texas, but got rained out before I could use it. I only had the gun on a short loan, and wanted to at least get it out on a short hunt. It is very cold up here in Minnesota, but squirrel season is open through February so I decided to at least get out for as long I could deal with the frigid conditions. Not much happening in the woods and the frigid conditions and crunchy ice underfoot made it hard to get into shooting range. I’ve got another Prophet from the first production run on it’s way to me, so you’llRead More →

I was out in Texas on a multi-day hunt, and at the end had been invited to the TM Exotics and Whitetail Ranch to hunt Aoudad, also known as Barbary Sheep. TM Exotics along with Operation Pay It Forward had set up a hunt for veterans, and the opportunity to hunt with this group was one I looked forward to. Come along and check this hunt out, it was a really good hunt, and my AirForce Texan saved the day for me. I had a prototype custom .457 that had a technical problem right before the hunt, and had to switch from a 700 fpe .457 to a 170 fpe .308 at the last minute….. you need to check out the result!Read More →

I this video I’m going to compare two of the scope cameras that I use to record my airgun hunts. I’ll put a link here to a hunt using a SideShot scope for comparison. In this video I’ll include a short hunt using the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro to use as a baseline. Full disclosure: I need to work more with both scopes to fully optimize them. This video presents my preliminary impression from using them in the field. On the hunt I only had a couple hours available one morning, and thought I’d use the time to field test the ATN Day / Night Vision X-Sight 4K. I’d had some recording mishaps on a squirrel hunt in Arizona the week before, and wanted to review my options for filming future hunts.Take a look at the results of these two squirrel hunts, and tell me which video camera you prefer. Other hunting videos: https://youtu.be/egOSWAbGaokhttps://youtu.be/bfkfrhCbsa0 If you find these videos interesting please give it a like and subscribe if you haven’t already so that you are notified as new content is released!Read More →