Hunting is slowly getting underway for me after a couple months of lock down and not much shooting. I was in Texas for jackrabbits and predators last month, South Dakota for prairie dogs a couple of weeks ago, and was awaiting the opening of squirrel season in Sept for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Then while doing some online research it came to my attention that both Nebraska and Illinois seasons open in August! So I started doing my online research in earnest, and found a state wildlife area in Nebraska that according to the posts I could find, is said to have good squirrel populations. So I am off, my non-resident license is about $90.00, and the place I found is a five hour drive. I’m going to get there the day before season and then hunt the next 2-3 days. A lot of times for short overnight trips, I just throw a mattress and sleeping bag in the back of my Outback, and sleep there. No set up time, flexible as to where I lay my head, and comfortable enough for one night. But on this trip I’ll be hunting for 3 days and sleeping out 3 nights, and don’t think the back of my car is going to do it! To this end, I’ve decided to set up a small game tent camp. I actually have been collecting car camping gear to use with my boat while out fishing, but I think it will work great on this trip.Read More →