As I travel around to regions in and outside of the USA hunting, I have the opportunity to hunt with a lot of great guides and outfitters. In this section I will list guys that I’ve hunted with that have shown me they have the expertise, knowledge and patience for this type of hunting!

I’ve hunted many times with all of these outfits, and I give each my strongest personal reference.

Dos Plumas Video: In this quick clip I show some of the hogs I’ve shot at this ranch over the last few years. You can make the hunts what you want them to be, either hunting from blinds or going into the thickets to spot and stalk. I find that smaller pigs will come to feeders in the day, but to find the big hogs you generally have better look taking off on foot and looking for them.

Dos Plumas is a hunting ranch located about an hour west of Abilene Texas and specializes in hogs and rams. This is a low fence operation, with very good population of hogs, I’d say your odds here are very high. You can make the hunt as physically challenging as you want, hunting from blinds over feeders in the morning and at dusk, or hitting the dense thickets for stalking in the hours between blind hunting. Prices are very good, and you’ll stay in a no-frills bunkhouse that is comfortable and clean. Your food and cooking is up to you, and they provide a fully equipped kitchen. Talk to Allen (the owner) or Brice (the ranch manager) for details, both are great guys.

Bad River Bucks and Birds is a very nice lodge that is set up for corporate pheasant hunts, big game (deer, antelope, turkey), but for the airgunner its all about prairie dogs and coyotes. Outfitter/guide/owner Brett is an outstanding host and he has thousands of acres with extensive prairie dog towns that will keep the airgunner shooting nonstop. The lodge is on a ranch in central South Dakota and is easy to get to from most of Mid America…. And it is well worth the journey! When you’ve had your fill with p-dogs, grab your rifle and a call and work the area for there abundant coyote.

Hounslow Safaris is located on the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is a destination hunt of a lifetime for an airgunner. My two great friends Rob Dell and Andrew Myers run the operation from Robs farm a couple hour drive from Port Elizabeth. We did the first airgun hunts in South Africa over a decade ago, and I have traveled out to hunt with them many times over the following years. Almost any plains game you want can be taken with a big bore airgun, with lots of small game, varmint, and predators possible. And the great thing, these guys really know airguns and are equipped to support you….. they even have a compressor onsite. Their lodge is worth the trip just to experience, the food is great, but most importantly they are really outstanding professional hunters!

Hounslow Safaris

Lone Star Varmint Hunts is another outfit I’ve been hunting with for many years, and my buddy Don is one of the best callers I’ve ever hunted with. We’ve taken fox. bobcat, coyote and hogs with airguns, and he has the land and the equipment to bring you on what may well be the most productive predator hunts you’ll ever experience. He’ll get you on coyote, fox, and his specialty, bobcats. Don does a lot of night hunting, and calls from his specially designed Humvee with a calling/shooting high rack. And when not hunting the predators, he does great hog, exotic, and big game hunts as well.

Salt Fork Ranch and Outfitters:Salt Fork Ranch is located in Abilene, Texas. The ranch covers approximately 1,000 acres of low fenced in hunting area. The beautiful natural landscape of west Texas is the backdrop of this ranch. Salt Fork Ranch consists of mesquite brush, fields of wheat and cotton and the Colorado River that makes up our southern border. I just found this outfit this season, and went back three times. I saw a lot of game on each trip, the river that borders it is a wildlife corridor and the property hunts much bigger than its acreage might suggest.

On the ranch they have an incredible wildlife population, with a bustling population of dove, white tail deer, hogs, Rio Grande turkey, Bob White quail, and waterfowl. We also have an extensive population of predator animals including coyote, fox, bobcat, badger and mountain lions. You will often see over 100 deer and 100 turkey in a single day. Salt Fork Ranch has several permanent and pop up blinds set up to accommodate airgun hunters.

With the new airgun friendly hunting laws in Texas, the state has become a destination for airgun hunters and you’ll have the opportunity to get your Texas whitetail and Rio Grande tags filled here, then go after hogs and predators on your down time.