We’re holding the 3rd annual prairie dog shoot in South Dakota, and if you’ve ever wanted to shoot in high density towns on private land, this is the trip you want to make! Hosted by Bad River Birds and Bucks, Brett Waibel Outfitter (605) 669-344
In this video I take a break from my plains game hunt to go after the rock hyrax, known locally as the dassie. These strange animals, inhabit the steeprock cliff all around my friends farm, and sometimes move into the sheep pastures. The main predators are the large eagles that patrol the cliff sides, but the populations still expand without a bit of additional pressure. Hunters like to chase the wary little critters, which look like a woodchuck sized rodent but are more closely related to elephants than any other species. My 30 caliber Ataman was a very good selection for this SA varmint hunt!
Three years after my first iguana pest control hunt in Puerto Rico, I head back down with Hatsan Airguns to see if the years of steady hunting has made a dent in the population….. and to get in some shooting!

Out in Texas after feral hogs with this powerful
air rifle from Airgun Depot
Jim takes the Ataman .30 caliber pcp air rifle into the field after this small African antelope