I was talking to my hunting buddy Eric Henderson a few weeks ago, and he told me he was going to hunt deer in Missouri again. He’d hunted the year before on a farm property owned by airgunner and big bore airgun builder Brian Cook, and having no shame I asked if he could hook me up. A couple of days later I got a call back saying â €œcome on downâ€�. We scheduled to meet at the Cook family’s property on November 15th, the second day of the MO rifle season and the day after Eric’s airgun event LASSO 2009. I had business that unfortunately kept me away from LASSO, but could get away to meet the guys in West Missouri, me driving from Indianapolis and they from Dallas. Without going into the minutiae of the trip, I got on the road early and they got going late which resulted in my arrival at Brian’s parents several hours before they did. Now mind you, I had never met Brian in person (we missed each other on a hunt in Texas when I had to pull out last minute) so I certainly had never met his family. But when I arrived I was warmly greeted by his parents Barbara and Dwayne, his wife, and son Nathan. They had made a room ready for me in their comfortable home, and after getting to know these good folks I settled in and arranged my gear. I was talking to Eric and BrianRead More →

I’d had the chance to use the 2540 with a modified conventional valve on a rabbit hunt a few weeks ago, and a couple of dozen rabbits over a few days of hunting attested to the efficacy of this gun as a hunting arm. On returning home I found the new Biohazard valve which is described elsewhere on my site, which was used to modify the 2540 further into the 2550 configuration. I gained a couple hundred feet per second with this valve, and couldn’t wait to get it in the field. I was invited over to a friends farm the other day to help thin out an over-abundant squirrel population, and decided that this was just the venue to try out my newly tuned pistol as I’d be hunting at closer range around his shed and out buildings. I removed a few squirrels that day, but the first one was most telling. I had a fresh CO2 cartridge inserted, and saw a squirrel running around on the ground feeding at about 35 yards. I stalked in as close as I could, moving slowly and stopping often. At about 25 yards the squirrel towards and up a tree to a fork about 4 feet up where he stopped and looked around. When he presented me with a profile headshot I squeezed the trigger and tumbled him off his low lying perch. Squirrels can be tough to kill, but the 2550 DAQ / Biohazard was more than up to it. TheRead More →

The Korean made Sumatra 2500 is a compact little lever action carbine that IÂ’ve been told is a very powerful hunting airgun. IÂ’ve wanted one of the Korean made repeaters ever since shooting Randy MitchellÂ’s Career Carbine a couple of times while on a hunting trip. There had been reports of accuracy problems with the Career and that the rotary magazine of the Sumatra was more reliable digesting a wider range of pellets than the Careers inline magazine, so I decided on the Sumatra. As to the question of from whom I should order, IÂ’ve had good experience dealing with Cobra Airguns lately, and went to them to purchase the Sumatra for inclusion to my hunting battery …… if it made the grade. As mentioned, this is a compact gun, and with a variable scope mounted it still weighs in at right about 8 lbs. I find it well balanced and like the way it comes to the shoulder. The stock and forestock are made from a nice quality Asian hardwood, and the metal work is nicely blued Â… at least the barrel and air reservoir are. I have to admit that the shiny tin like receiver is not my favorite feature of this other wise cool (in a strange way) looking gun. However, as this is going to be a dedicated hunting rifle ,IÂ’ll have it camouflaged in the near future. I didnÂ’t know what to expect when I ordered the Sumatra 2500, but I must say I reallyRead More →

A year or two back I was out on a squirrel hunt in Kentucky with Randy Mitchell, and had a chance to use his Techstar. I found the gun to be a nice shooter and wanted to give it a more serious work out. Unfortunately by the time I got around to asking him to loan it to me, the gun had moved on (as they often do) in a trade. Jump ahead to the present; I was offered a loaner Techstar to have a go with and promptly jumped at the opportunity. The folks over at the well known online airgun shop Compasseco are the sole importer of the BSA badged gun, and they kindly provided me with one to use on the bench before heading out west on a jackrabbit hunt. The Techstar is a .22 caliber single shot carbine that comes equipped with iron sights and a grooved receiver which accepts a scope. It presents as a compact package that is easy to carry for a long day of tramping around the desert. The overall length of the gun is 37” with an 18.5” barrel, and weighs a scant 6.6 lbs. This rifle is manufactured by the long established and well respected British company BSA. The Tech Star is based on the companies Hornet model and even though less expensive it produces more power. The Tech Star has an adjustable power setting and the 100cc reservoir yields about 25 shots at 38 foot pounds (1000 fps), butRead More →

This new version of a great varminting gun has something for everyone; the kit comes with a short barrel, long barrel, arrow barrel, and a bunch of cool accessories! Between the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and the IWA in Germany this year, I saw a lot of interesting new airguns. One of these guns was a new version of a takedown carbine that I’ve admired for some time, packaged in a kit that will allow a single platform to be configured for just about any small game / varmint hunting task it could be called into action for. With the long barrel set up its about perfect for a prairie dog shoot in the wide open plains, and it’s a natural for pest control in a suburban environment when fitted with the short barrel and shroud extension, oh and for something completely different, go out and arrow some bull frogs and reel them in with the fishing accessories. The comprehensive kit comes packed in a hardcase with foam compartments securely holding all the bits, which includes: a) Short 11.8″ barrel b) Long 19.7″ barrel c) Arrow barrel d)Shroud Extension e) Bipod f) Rifle mounted light g) Variable 6-18x Scope h) Arrows: Broadheads, and field tip i) Fishing reel and mount When the stock/air bottle is rmoved, it fits into the case as well, without requiring the short barrel to be removed. If you’ve been using the long barrel or shooting arrows, the short barrel will have to be mountedRead More →

I’ve been shooting and hunting with the Benjamin Rogue for sometime now, and it’s found a place in my big bore gun rack, which houses guns from several manufacturers in .308, .357, .452, .457, and .50 caliber models. I did some early velocity measurements just to get a ballpark estimate on the power generated, but mostly shot the gun for groups under hunting conditions and took it to the field. Recently I was asked to provide some more quantitative information on the gun, so I’ve pulled up few of the targets and velocity measurement that I’ve collected. As most shooters know, this is the first mass produced big-bore manufactured by an American company, though there have been quite a few US semi-production and custom guns, and a number of excellent production guns coming out of Korea. There are also new big bores about to be released by the major European The gun is controlled via an onboard microprocessor that allows various parameters to be optimized for a specific bullet weight. In the current software revision, the bullet weight and the desired power settings of, low, medium, and I shot a few groups at 50 yards and 100 yards with the Nosler eXTREMEs and achieved good results. Above are two targets obtained at these distances, and while not a target gun, all shots sent down range at 50, 75, and 100 yards would have easily been in the kill zone of a coyote. This performance is in line with my otherRead More →

I was talking to Brian Beck, one of my local hunting buddies up here in Central Indiana a couple days ago and was telling him that I had pile of guns to work through and not enough time in a schedule that was getting very busy.. didn’t get any sympathy but he did volunteer to take my rifle and do some of the shooting to help out. For those that are familiar with my writing, you probably know that Brian and I have often hunted varmint and predators over the last couple or three seasons, and I consider him one of the most successful airgun hunters for coyote in the country. He competes in open competitions with an airgun, and wins, which is pretty mind blowing when you consider that guys with high power centerfires are reaching out 300 yards or more.! I was getting ready to fly out to Germany for a week, and he was going to do the last predator hunt in our area for the season, before heading down to Mexico. I asked if he’d be willing to use my Rogue for the competition, then ship it out to Texas for me to use at LASSO on my return Stateside. He said yes, and as we live couple hours apart we decided to meet in a little town about midway between for lunch and to hand off the rifle. On the way I got a call from Brian telling me he was going to be late,Read More →

I have always liked the AR6 rifle, and have had excellent results hunting small game with it. Recently I received the Pistol, Take-Down, and carbine versions of the AR6 that have been modified to improve the double action. This series of guns is named the Renegade, and are all based on the same time proven AR6 action. After spending time with these guns on the range to familiarize myself with them, I brought them into the woods to hunt squirrel and rabbit. My first report here will focus on the pistol. There are not many air powered handguns available on the market which can be used for small game hunting. One of the most expedient courses has been to build up a gun on the Crosman 2240 platform. But while the modifications to optimize performance with CO2 are simple to undertake, unless you are going to make the effort and spend the time to convert to pcp there is an inherent limitation on power. Also the gun will not be useful for cold weather hunting. Enter the Renegade, a very powerful multi-shot pcp pistol design out of the box. Before discussing performance a few words on initial impressions are in order. On opening the box this gun looks big and chunky, which I guess is necessary due to the size of the rifle action adapted for its use. As mentioned, the gun uses the same action, rotary magazine (which is very similar to the action of a standard revolver), andRead More →

Hunting Deer with a Muzzle Loading .50 Caliber Quackenbush Airgun One of my favorite hunting buddies is Randy Mitchell, but this year we’d not even had the opportunity to do a squirrel hunt. So I was really happy when I got the invite to come down for the muzzle loader season in Kentucky. Not only because we’d get to hunt together again, but also because I’d missed my opportunity on a couple of Indiana bucks and the season was over. If I was going to get a deer this year, it had to happen here. I had been on business up in Michigan, but hurried home to Carmel, kissed the wife and kid’s hello and goodbye, then took off on the three hour drive to Kentucky. When I’d left Ann Arbor there was a lot of snow on the ground, and a howling blizzard blowing …. However three hundred miles south I’d left the bitter cold and snow behind. I met up with Randy the following morning at 6: 00 am, it was dark and raining with a temperature in the twenties. We drove out to the clubhouse on his lease and signed in, then drove out to the eastern side of the property where Randy had set up a buddy blind. We hiked a couple hundred yards from the truck to his stand. If you’ve followed the hunting adventures on his website, it is the same spot where he’d taken a doe a few weeks earlier (the story isRead More →

The DAQ Exile .308 is one of the semi-custom large bore air rifles designed and manufactured by master airgun designer Dennis Quackenbush. I had finally acquired one for my collection, and a fortuitous business trip out west gave me the venue to run it through its paces in the field. The gun built for me has a 20″ barrel and an overall length of 37, weighing in at about 7 lbs. The gun is prepared for firing using a bolt action to load the .308 bullet and is cocked using the knurled cocking lever situated right below the bolt. Note that this airgun fires swaged bullets, not the conventional pellets one associates with air guns. I had obtained my ammunition as a gift from Eric Henderson at MDR, and was grateful to him as I wouldnÂ’t have made the schedule for this hunt otherwise. The air reservoir houses the charging port at the distal portion of the barrel. The port is protected by a rotating band which covers it when not in use. DAQ recommends that the gun be charged to a pressure of 205 BAR (3000 psi), and yields four full power shots after which there are a couple more useful shots which demonstrate vertical stringing resulting from the rapidly reduced pressure / velocity. The fill probe Dennis uses in his design is included with the rifle, which I had coupled with a male Foster fitting allowing me to use it with my standard rig. When I take myRead More →