I’ve been shooting the Hatsan Hydra for a few months now, and have used the .22 and .25 caliber barrels on a couple hunts, and gotten in some range time with the .177. But when rabbit season opens in a couple weeks, I want to do some hunting with the arrow barrel, using some small game tips. So I started off by simply swapping the barrel, which took a matter of a minute or two. The next step took me a little longer, maybe 5 minutes, I needed to adjust the hammer spring preload. This entails removing the action from the stock, removing a set screw with a 2mm hex tool, then inserting a 4mm hex tool into a port at the rear of the rifle and bottoming it out. This will increase the arrow velocity from about 150 fps to approximately 250 fps. With this tweaking of the rifle done, I drove to a spot behind a local industrial complex and set up my target in a back lot. I used a standard archery target, unlike the dual crossbow targets I had to use when sighting in the dedicated Hatsan arrow gun, the very powerful Harpoon (more on this before deer season starts!). I set the target at 30 yards using field tips. My first shot was to the left, so I adjusted the windage and sent another arrow down range. It was moving in the right direction but not quite there yet, another adjustment and another arrow showedRead More →

I’ve taken a lot of North American and African Game with arrow launching airguns. On this hunt, one of my favorite standard airguns for small game and predator hunting, gets a new accessory….. the FX Arrow Barrel! My regular readers and video viewers know that I have a strong affection for my FX Crown, and I have been using both the .25 and .35 calibers a lot. A while back I received the arrow barrel, and outside of some range shooting had not yet had a chance to use it. A rancher I know, manages his deer herd for quality animals, and unlike many landowners strives to keep a balanced buck-to-doe ratio. He told me I was welcome to come over and harvest a doe for the freezer. My family had been pushing for some biltong….. so, I was on my way! When I got to the property, it was on the cooler side, but having lived in Minnesota for the last few years my tolerance has shifted from that of my Southern California upbringing. I arrived in the morning and took a dirt road to the back side of the ranch situated above one of the water sources. Glassing down into the area, I saw a number of deer, bucks and doe, coming and going. I worked my way down using the sporadic clumps of trees for cover, I had the wind and the raising sun in my favor. I ran into a suspicious buck that kept walking aroundRead More →

Hunting in South Africa with a unique new hunting projectile, the Air Venturi AirBolt! – Jim Chapman Airgun hunting has been gaining popularity in recent years, and along with advances in rifle technology, there have been concurrent advances in ammunition development. The Air Bolt is one such example, an arrow that can be launched from a conventional air rifle with great accuracy and power. Earlier airguns that shot arrows utilized a hollow arrow slipped over a thin purpose designed barrel, with the volume of pressurized air released inside the arrow to drive it forward. Air Venturi took a different approach, the Air Bolt is a caliber specific arrow that is muzzle-loaded into a standard big bore air rifle. Currently, the Air Bolt is available in .50 caliber, but there are other calibers on the way. The carbon fiber shaft has a nock with an o-ring and a synthetic fletching at the proximal end, and is matched to the caliber dimensions. The distal end has a teardrop shaped head that is threaded to accept standard broad heads, and fits snugly into the muzzle of the rifle. This design permits any rifle of the corresponding caliber to be used to shoot the Air Bolt, as well as the ammunition the rifle was originally designed for. The result is a platform that transforms a marginally powered big bore hunting airgun into the most powerful arrow launching system in existence! In my Air Venturi .50 caliber air rifle, a 425 grain Air Bolt tippedRead More →