A very accurate, powerful, fast action hunting rig. I’m getting this gun prepared to go hunting this season. Step one, some initial trigger time and basic paper punching at 35 and 50 yards. I have a lot of guns that cycle across my desk to, and to be honest I like most of them. It’s not that I think they would all fit in to my own collection, I have very specific things that I want in a gun that I recognize are subjective. Thats why I’ll say what I think about a gun and why, but will never tell someone they should buy one gun over another…. so much of it is individual choice. But I can comment on the tangible attributes of a rifle. When I evaluate a hunting rifle, I try to place myself in the mindset of the targeted customer segment. Is this a gun designed for a new shooter, a long-time shooter, somebody that needs a gun for close range pest control, or larger game at greater distances? Is this a rifle designed to appeal to a segment with specific pricing requirements, such as budget or entry level guns, etc.? In preparing to take this rifle out hunting, I was particularly interested in assessing accuracy, ergonomics, power, reliability, adjustability, cocking action, trigger, reliability, and reliable magazine feeding, ease of field carry…. this is what I look for in any rifle that I’ll take on the hunt. Based on my experience with Brocock rifles, the barRead More →