Airgun Hunting: An Introduction to Predator Hunting at Night with an Airgun A question I am frequently asked is, how to hunt predators with an airgun at night? In this video I present an Introduction to Airgun Hunting at Night; and explore the equipment, methods, and reasons for pursuing predators during the hours of darkness. We’ll look at the guns, optics, lights, night vision and thermal imaging gear that I use, and how I approach different scenarios such as hunting small properties in more developed areas as well as out on the huge ranches of Texas, and will show how we’ve used this gear and these methods to take various predators. This is more of an informational and instructional presentation rather than the straight up hunting videos I normally do. If you find this type of video interesting and useful, please like, share, and let me know in the comments, along with suggestions as to what you would like to see in future! My intention is to follow this basic “How to” video with a deeper dive on specific predator species covering coyote, bobcat, fox, and raccoons….. along with some of my hunts.Read More →