Evanix has been turning out several very cool models of guns using their proven side lever action. And this year they have released the manual version of the MAX, a bullpup design which up until recently had only been available in a semi-auto configuration using the electro-mechanical “Speed” action. I wanted to get an initial report of my experience with the gun as I prepare to use it on an upcoming prairie dog hunt I’ve been waiting for what seems like a very long time to get my hands on the . 25 caliber version of the Evanix MAX- ML Bullpup…… Since the January SHOT Show as a matter of fact. I’d been shooting the MAX Semi-auto version of the gun in .25 since the early prototype was released, and had a lot of fun with it. As a matter of fact this gun was the Semi/Full-auto, and was responsible for almost singlehandedly emptying (what I’d thought to be) my five year supply of . 25 caliber JSB’s! However, as much fun as I had with fast action plinking, I didn’t need full auto and the price of semi auto was too high for the conditions I hunt in. Those conditions are very cold weather and the price was sluggish performance all the way to failure of the gun to cycle when the temperature was in the low teens. I liked the compact size of the bullpup, and when I saw that manual side action version I knew I wantedRead More →